DATE: MARCH 4, 2018

TIME: 7:00AM

Looking for an alternative way to experience the Marathon? Grab a partner (or THREE) and team up to conquer the 26.2 miles. The relay will follow the same course as the full marathon and will have three exchange points along the way. The 2-4 person relay offers a distance for everyone on your team.

** Two team members are required to sign up to start a relay team.
There is no age requirement to participate in the marathon relay. If you are running more than 1 leg and are under 18 years old, please email us at

Each Member of a Marathon Relay Team Will Receive

  • Short-sleeved cotton t-shirt
  • Custom finishers medal
  • Virtual goody bag
  • Personalized bib (must register before January 31, 2018)
  • On course and post race refreshments including complimentary runner meal from 6 different food trucks and 2 beers or wine (21+)
  • ChronoTrack B-Tag timed race
  • Access to One City, One Celebration festivities including live music, food truck rally, runner relaxation area and the One City Gose, the official beer of the One City Marathon!

How It Works

  • Leg #1 | Start Line - Newport News Park, Approximately 7.9 Miles
  • Leg #2 | Relay Exchange #1 - RO Nelson Elementary School, Approximately 6.1 Miles
  • Leg #3 | Relay Exchange #2 - Yates Elementary School, Approximately 7.4 Miles
  • Leg #4 | Relay Exchange #3 - Hilton Elementary School, Approximately 4.8 Miles

Relay team members that are running the first leg of the relay will line up at the start line with the full marathon participants. The start line will be located at Newport News Park. The size of your relay team will determine which exchange points you will utilize. For example a 4-man team will utilize all three exchange points, where a 2-man team will only utilize one exchange point. It is up to relay team members to determine how far each member is going to run. All legs of the relay must be run consecutively. There will not be shuttles running between exchange points.
Relay team members running legs #2, #3, and #4 will be shuttled to exchange points from downtown Newport News. Exchange points will act as satellite start/finish areas. As finishing team members approach an exchange point, their teammate will enter the start chute and complete the hand off of the timing device. Finishing relay runners will receive their medal and light food and beverages at the exchange points. Shuttle services will then be used to transport runners who have completed their leg to the finish line where they will wait to greet the rest of their team.
Because of limited space within the corral area, make note of your teammates pace so you will know the approximate time to expect them. Signage will be place on the course indicating the approaching relay exchange area. As the runners approach the relay exchange areas, crowd control devices will be used to direct runners into the relay chute.

Course Information


Newport News One City Marathon Elevation Chart


  • Water Stations
  • Water stations will be located approximately every two miles along the marathon relay route. Gatorade will be provide at every other water station beginning with water station #2. GU Energy Gels will be provided at Water Station #7 (Mile 14) and #10 (Mile 20).

  • Portable Toilets
  • For your convenience and use during the race portable toilets will be available at every water station. Portable toilets will also be provided at each of the exchange point areas.

  • Hometown Spirit Award
    The Hometown Spirit Award will be awarded to one group who shows exceptional Hometown Spirit on race day. The One City Marathon will also be presenting the winning group with a $500 donation towards the charity of their choice.

    We also encourage neighborhoods, civic groups, businesses, schools, and houses of worship to create their own “wave stations" from natural viewing areas along the entire course to help cheer on the runners!

    How will you show your Hometown Spirit on marathon day?

  • Course Timing
  • The marathon relay will utilize ChronoTrack B-Tag timing. The timing chip will be attached to a team bib, that will be attached to a race belt. This belt will be passed between relay team members. Each team member's time will be recorded as they enter the exchange zone.

    Track your favorite runner throughout the marathon relay!


  • Pace Teams
  • Pace Teams are comprised of experienced marathon runners who help others achieve their performance goals. Pace times will range from 3:30 finish pace to 4:30 finish pace. You do not need to register in advance to run with a pacer on race day.
    If you would like to become a pacer please contact

Race Requirements

  • Marathon Relay Pace Requirement
  • Because the Newport News One City Marathon Relay takes place on the marathon route, the same 7-hour time limit applies. This means your relay team must have an overall pace of 16:00 minutes per mile. Runners unable to maintain the required pace may be picked up and transported to the finish. To avoid the chances of being swept off the course we encourage you to order your team from fastest to slowest.

  • Packet Pick-up & Finisher Items
  • Participants must attend packet pick-up at the One City Health & Wellness Expo to receive their bib and technical shirt. If you are picking up a packet for another runner, you must fill out and print this form below. Finisher medals will be distributed to finishers during the race. None of these items will be mailed to registrants who did not participate. Marathon relay teams may opt to send one team member to pick up packets for the entire team.

    Packet Pick Up Form


Parking and Shuttles

Parking will be available at the finish of the race. Shuttle busses will be used to transport participants from the finish to the start line and the various exchange zones. Shuttles will then be used to transport runners from the exchange zones back to the finish. We encourage all runners to take the shuttle buses to avoid any traffic delays on race morning. All exchange zones are at schools which are open for all runners while waiting for their teammate.

View Parking Map Here

View Leg 1 Shuttle Schedule Here

View Legs 2-4 Shuttle Schedule Here

Hotel Shuttle Schedule


Gear Check

Due to the nature of the relay, it is difficult to provide a good gear check service for relay runners. What we encourage as an alternative is that the members of each relay team take care of one another. For example, a runner who is running the second leg of the relay could hold a gear bag for the runner who is starting the race. As the finishing runner comes into the exchange zone and passes off the timing chip, the exiting runner can in return pass them their gear bag.